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Teeth Whitening: Ditch the Filters

We’ve all seen them. Those dazzling, gleaming smiles that are being posted every fraction of a second on every social media profile, following the trends.


It’s all about the likes

We all want to look beautiful and put together in our photos. Considering that in most cases we opt for a smiling pose and that our teeth are the first thing one notices, then we can see how important it is to not snap that selfie with yellowed teeth.

As a result, social media teeth whitening filters were invented to appeal to our -to a certain degree legitimate- vanity. Our image was impeccably upgraded, our small imperfections were marvelously camouflaged and our healthy-looking smile perfectly shaped our smiling face.

Until one day, the whitening progress bar reached 100% and just like that, the any natural effect was long gone…


The dark side of the whitest of whites.

One or two shades of whiter teeth makes us more photogenic in a realistic manner. And that makes us even more attractive. However, sometimes in our efforts to impress, we go to extremes, creating an unreal white denture that shouts “fake”. This flatters no one.

The natural white of the human denture gives the most flattering of smiles. This way, we won’t run the risk of having one of our followers or friends commenting “glowing in the dark”.


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Your pearly whites!

So… you may choose a realistic white affect on that progress whitening teeth bar filter…

Or… you could simply ditch the Social Media Filters one and for all.

Instead of having to worry about changing whitening bars and worrying every time you might forget not to not, why not simply care for white teeth in the first place?

And not with time-consuming dentist sessions and complex devices, but simply with a toothpaste.

You’re using one every day, anyways. Why not opt for one with a whitening effect?

Why not try our Whitening Toothpaste for your every day-use. Thanks to the micro-silica technology of the patented silicon granules it contains, it ensures maximum whitening effect and cleansing action without eroding the enamel. Brushing two to three times a day is enough to see the impressive result, as long as you limit at the same time or even better avoid coffee, wine, tea and dark-colored refreshments that stain the teeth.

And for those selfie days then always be prepared even at the last minute with the toothpaste for instant whitening Instant Whitening Toothpaste.