summer essentials


You may spend your summer at an exotic location under the sun, a nearby foreign country, or perhaps summer will find you in the city enjoying the view from a rooftop bar.

Wherever you’ll be, here’s what you’ll need for a delightful summer.


  1. Swimwear

This is a no brainer. It’s the official summer outfit. Even if we have no beach nearby, we may use it at a fancy swimming pool or even at our favorite park trying to catch some precious sunrays.

There are so many different styles out there, but we happen to love this royal blue, cut-out, bardot bikini:

 royal blue bikini

  1. Sunglasses

The thing with sunglasses is that it’s both a matter of style, and protection. And by protection we mean your eyes’ retina protection from the sun and anti-ageing protection.

On a sunny day, we tend to squint our eyes unless we put some shades on. This unnecessary squinting causes premature wrinkles and creases around the delicate skin of the eyes. So, go for sunglasses that clearly state “99-100 percent UV absorption or UV 400 (which means they block all UVA and UVB rays)”.

Best sunglasses on a sunny day:

Mirrored sunglasses are blocking more UV rays compared to other styles.  Also, go for larger frames or even wraparound styles.

We absolutely love these mirrored classics

mirrored glasses are safest

Worst Sunglasses on a sunny day.

Avoid like the plague, metal frames on a sunny day. Dermatologist Vivian Bucay says metal attracts sun to the area it touches and may lead to skin burns. We know aviators are cool, but when it comes to your protection opt for plastic frames.


  1. Sunscreen

Oh, we’ll never stop on this one. It should be like your daily mantra: “always sunscreen”.

If you’re olive skinned or darker, SPF30 will suffice.  If you’re lighter skinned or even pale, go for a sun protection factor of 50+.

Thanks to technology, we are now able to pick a sunscreen with either cream, mousse, spray or dry oil texture. All these choices, in order to take good care of our skin.


  1. Hair products

If you have recently gotten your hair dyed, you probably wouldn’t want them to be faded from the sun. Try sprays with sun filters that protect your hair’s color whether it’s artificial or natural.


  1. Summer sun dresses

Nothing is better than a cool sundress that goes with everything and you can wear it from dawn till dusk. They take up little space in your suitcase, can complement your figure and make you always look stylish while keeping you cool (literally and figuratively).

This season we love buttoned dresses.

You'll also enjoy this!


summer sun dresses

  1. Portable charger

No reason to elaborate on this much huh? Since you’ll be spending much more time outside, you phone is likely to need some juice. Grab a good-quality power bank, keep it charged before dropping out and worry no more!


  1. Books that are light and airy.

It’s alright. You know it’s ok.  We can keep the books that employ a large part of our brainpower for those cold rainy nights under our duvet or with some hot cocoa by the fireplace.

But during these days, whether spent on the beach or at our nearest park, we can let our mind relax and unwind. We can feel the glorious nature at its peak and let a book travel us with stories that nourish the soul.


  1. Fresh fruit & veggies

Summer is the easiest season to follow a nutritious, vitamin-boosted diet. Your body craves more water-dense food to keep cool, and nature offers a variety of colorful veggies and fruit to choose from.

Now it’s your chance to create the most colorful fruit salads and smoothies or even incorporate more veggies to your meal prep for the week


  1. Outdoor activity

Before you know it, the season will be over and our inner homebody will rise again. There is so much stuff going on in London this month, that we can enjoy if we’re spending this summer in the city.


  1. Bug lotion

Unless you want those sneaky mosquitoes laugh at your naivety, you’d better be armed with a bug repellent and sting relief lotion just in case everything goes wrong.

Whether you’ll be hanging around a river or by the sea, you know you need one.


  1. Bike rides.

Not only is it a great exercise, but also great for the environment. You’ll get a firmer body, burn some extra calories and your heart will be grateful!


  1. Nail polish.

It’s summer and you’re almost expected to go crazy with your nail polish color or even choose to get them done with the craziest summer designs. Don’t forget you toenails, as they make appearances this season.

We simply adore this design.

summer nail designs