what to include in family packing list


Whether you’re planning to get your family in a trailer and go on a road trip around Europe or get them to a sunny all-inclusive resort with the comfort of a plane, there’s a list of things that will upgrade the entire experience.


  1. Snacks

It’s best not to end up h-angry at any given moment during the trip. Opt for snacks that are both nutritious and practical to carry with such as vegetable sticks, nuts, granola mix or bars, flavored rice cakes, wraps or sandwiches. Fruit is always a go-to option, whether dried or bite-sized (grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberies etc.)


  1. A good old polaroid camera

We are all used to taking high resolution pictures with our smartphones. However, 80’s nostalgia is really trending nowadays, from TV series to fashion. Also, there’s a certain satisfaction when you can hold a photo instead of just swiping though. You can give your holiday photos to friends or kids instantly sharing the unique experience in a tangible way, make a collage afterwards or hang them on your fridge for those cold days ahead.

We are in love with the resurrection of the classic polaroid.

polaroid camera

  1. Headphone splitter

Oh, this is more important than it looks. Music brings people together and sharing music is one of the best ways to enjoy the long ride. Whether it is your kids that may want to watch their favorite cartoon without making noise or simply anyone wanting to enjoy music together, this little gadget will be your new favorite.

We love how stylish this one is.

headphone splitter

  1. Insect repellents

They are in cities, lakes, beaches and nearly anywhere warm and muggy. We believe you won’t regret having an insect repellent in your baggie.


  1. One sunscreen to fit them all.

Family holidays is the art of combining lots of stuff in limited space. We’d recommend a sunscreen that’d be suitable for the needs of the entire family, and easy to spray on- even on wet skin (no time to chase kids around with the towel)!

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  1. A Thermal Water Spray.

Long hours of travelling, queuing, traffic or just lying all day on the beach, may cause discomfort or dehydration. A thermal water spray will refresh you and keep you hydrated with a dewy skin for longer.


  1. Offline Game Apps

Internet connectivity may be scarce or too expensive, so it’d be a good idea to download games that can be used offline, to keep children occupied.


  1. Packing organizers.

Family packing can be difficult. Especially if your children can be opinionated about their own stuff. To give them a sense of responsibility and maximize your luggage capacity to its full potential, you may try giving to each child a packing organizer to fill with toys or favorite clothing. The tangibility of the limited space will make them reconsider their choices deciding what’s important for them.


  1. Medication Kit

It’d be good to include a cream for situations that you cannot predict beforehand.


  1. Important Paperwork

Passports, travel insurance, booking confirmations, health insurance. Make sure you scan and send them back to you just in case. We’d recommend an encrypted mail service as it’s safer to use.