navagio zakynthos


Who doesn’t love a good sandy beach? Greeks are taking pride in being blessed with clean, exotic beaches and crystal clear waters throughout the country. Its inhabited islands range between 166 to 227, whilst in total there are 1200 to 6000(!). This country is full of (not so) hidden gems.

We initially wanted to give you a TOP10 list, but it seemed impossible to do so. We finally decided a TOP20 is still challenging but a bit more doable.

We’ll be giving them to you in two parts having both island and mainland beaches included.


  1. Kalo Livadi- Mykonos

Mykonos is generally considered to be a party-island leaning towards the more premium side of vacation spending. However, the particular beach is more family oriented and for those who prefer reading a book on the beach.

kalo livady mykonos


  1. Simos beach- Elafonissos

Elafonissos is a teeny tiny island in the southern of Peloponnese. You can get there by ferry from the port of Neapoli in the mainland coast.  This mesmerizing beach consists of pure waters and fine white sand and is bound to struck you with its beauty.



  1. Prasa beach- Kimolos

With aqua blue waters and a mix of sand and tiny pebbles, this beach will leave you enchanted. Kimolos is a picturesque island in the Cyclades, with unspoiled nature which often serves as a shelter for the Mediterranean monachus-monachus.

prasa beach kimolos


  1. Navagio beach in Zakynthos (Zante).

It is certainly one of the most- if not the most- iconic beaches in Greece as its stunning beauty has been featured in most travel guides. Make sure to have with you everything you need, as there are no facilities on the beach. You can only get there by boat, but the breathtaking view is so worth it. Highly recommended to stay and enjoy the magnificent sunset.

navagio zakynthos


  1. Voytoumi beach -Antipaksos

Voutoumi’s beach beauty will take your breath away. The color of the water is unreal, with white sand, little fish swimming near your feet and full greenery right above it. For some people, this could be the definition of paradise.  You can only get to this hidden gem of the Ionian islands by boat.

voutoumi beach


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6. Blue Lagoon (or Piscina) beach- Syvota

Who says exotic beaches are only found on islands? Blue Lagoon, is located in Syvota, Thesprotia and is one of the most amazing beaches facing the Ionian sea. Access is only by boat, the waters are unforgettable and please don’t forget your food supplies when you get there!

piscina or blue lagoon


  1. Italida beach (platia pounta) – Koyfonisia

This beach is for those who want to enjoy serendipity. Savage beauty, no bars or restaurants (or “tavernas” in the case of Greece). With golden sand and turquoise waters, Italida is one of the most remarkable beaches of the Aegean sea.

italian italida beach


  1. Poroi beach-Koyfonisia

For those who still want to escape everyday routine, enjoy the very same crystal clear waters of the above island, but also devour the traditional Greek salad with some fresh calamari while having a beach bar nearby, they should opt for the Poroi beach who has both tavernas and beach bars.

poroi beach


  1. Messakti beach – Ikaria

You might have heard of Ikaria, the moment it became internationally famous as a blue zone or simply the place “where people forget to die”. Located in the North Aegean Region is, according to CNN, the best island for nature lovers. Messakti beach is the most popular of the island, for both families (its shallow waters are perfect for kids) and surfers (its frequent waves make it ideal).

messakti beach


  1. Elafonnisi Lagoon – Crete

Last, but not least. You’re going to love this beach with the pink-flamingo colored, loose-grained sand and crystal clean waters. Located in the most southern island of Greece- Crete- this beach is ideal for families due to its shallow waters and for everyone who appreciates beauty. Advisable to stay and enjoy the spectacular sunset too.

elafonissi beach