koukounaries skiathos


  1. Falassarna – Crete

We finished our first part with a Cretan beach, and we’re beginning this one with another magnificent beach of Crete. Falasarna is northwest of Crete, in the region of Chania with impeccably clear, rejuvenating waters and a sandy beach filled with shells.



  1. Lindos beach, Rhodes

Rhodes island is one of the most popular islands Brits tend to visit. And there’s a good reason for it. It combines rich history, natural beauty and great beaches. The Lindos beach is a great sandy beach with crystal clean waters suitable for both families and couples.

lindos beach


  1. Porto Katsiki- Lefkada

This is another jaw-dropping beach that belongs to the Ionian group of islands. Prepare to be absolutely stunned by the exotic beauty Porto Katsiki. It owes its name to the goats that were once only able to reach the area.

porto katsiki


  1. Kathisma- Lefkada

Another stunner of the Ionian sea, with gorgeous blue waters and golden sand. It is well-organized, with taverns and beach bars, and sunbeds.



  1. Agios Prokopios – Naksos

This is a very popular island of the  Cyclades group. Crystal clean waters with fine-grained pebbles and golden sand. Agios prokopios is one of the lengthiest beaches offering facilities such as a beach bars and taverns.



  1. Kefalos-Kos

Kos belongs to the Dodecanese islands and is famous for its abundance of sandy beaches. Kefalos beach is calm and lush with watersports facilities, great parking area, clean transparent waters and a mix of sand and fine-grained pebbles. Its waters are shallow which makes it ideal for your little ones as well.

kefalos kos

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  1. Kavourotrypes/Orange (portokali) beach, Sarti -Chalkidiki

Another impressive beach that doesn’t belong to an island. This beach, located in the Sithonia peninsula, is for the nature lover who wants to see magnificent landscapes paired with turquoise waters. We wouldn’t really recommend it for a family, as there are large stones that may not be so convenient.

orange beach halkidiki


  1. Paliouri (Chroussou)-Chalkidiki

Paliouri or Chroussou beach is located on the Kassandra peninsula, 117 km away from the city of Thessaloniki (about 1 hour and 45 min drive). This is the sandy choice in Chalkidiki, if you have little kids or just prefer soft sand among your toes. It’s equipped with facilities from beach bars to watersports activities.

paliouri beach


  1. Agioi saranta-Pelion

Pelion is one of the most impressive mountains of Thessaly. The village of Agioi Saranta suits perfectly those who seek tranquility and unspoiled nature. The beach is unpopulated and is an ideal combination of green calm surroundings and deep blue seawaters.

agioi saranta



  1. Koukounaries -Skiathos

Skiathos is part of the Sporades group of islands, right above Evia island. Koukounaries means “pine trees” in Greek and- yup you guessed right- it is indeed surrounded by pine trees. It’s one of the most exotic beaches being well-organized, with deep blue crystal-clear waters and dreamlike white sand under the pine-covered hills.

koukounaries skiathos