disco ball lady


This is the season of ugly sweaters and sequined dresses.

We do love our highlighter high on our cheekbone and right on our cupid’s bow, as well as our glittery eyeshadows giving a sparkly look…

However, nothing screams GLOW more than a lit-from-within skin!

And prepping that skin starts way before the big night. More specifically…


One Week before the party…


  • Create a pristine canvas on time.

For about a week, apply every night a night cream rich in A & B Hydroxy acids that deeply exfoliate the skin. You may choose a cream rich in fruit acids, that will also moisturize the skin. This way, you’ll create a super soft and exfoliated skin to make the perfect canvas for all serums and foundations. For our favorite make-up to look stunning, our skin should be cleansed enough to receive it well.

Always, apply sunscreen the day after, as you skin will feel rather sensitive.


  • Try a homemade mask for glowing skin.

Try Mixing

  1. 1 teaspoon honey
  2. 3 vitamin A capsules
  3. ¼ avocado

Apply for 20 minutes and rinse afterwards.

Avocado and honey will offer deep hydration while the retinol capsules will stimulate pro-collagen production for a better-looking skin.

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  • Sense the needs of your skin

If during the winter your skin feels like it needs some extra water, add a hydrating serum to enhance the moisturizing effect of your cream. If you want to look more radiant, a rejuvenating serum will do the trick. On that pristine canvas we’ve created, the precious properties of your serum will penetrate the skin more easily and effectively.


  • Injections… Or Not?

Going to the doctor for a Botox therapy, right before Christmas holidays, is nowadays part of the general preparation along with the gifts shopping.

For those who’d rather skip the whole invasive treatment, they could get a cream that mimics Botox properties and apply day and night to ensure a well-rested look.


When the day of the big event just…

  • Lift it up!

Before the party, apply a skin tightening serum, look in the mirror in 5 minutes, and enjoy that enviable face-lift look.

  • Go on with a New Year’s Eve make-up look and remember; These days, you are allowed to go completely overboard with all that shine.
  • Secure your make-up with a setting spray and your skin will be ready for the party!