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10 tips to Combat Spring Allergies!

Finally, Spring. For some people this is the best season of the year; warm, not too hot, with snow melting, giving its place to blossoming trees and blooming flowers all over the place.

For some others, Spring is the worst. When you suffer from constant sneezing, swollen nose and watery, red eyes, you can’t really blame them, can you?

Once we wrote about the natural remedies after you’ve experienced hay fever, but what can you do to prevent it?


  1. However lovely a nice breeze may be, now that the temperature is on its rise, is a foe to the serenity of your nose. Minimizing your exposure to pollen means shut windows for the most part, especially on a windy day or early in the morning when pollen is at its highest levels (trees tend to pollinate between 5am to 9 am.


  1. If you absolutely need to do some outside chores, for example; you have no one to delegate that lawn mowing to, then we’d suggest you wear a pollen mask! It may not be the most posh thing you’ve ever worn, however the cost of getting pollen inside your system, makes it worth it.


  1. If you live in the countryside, or have flowers at your balcony, it’d be rather wise if you didn’t hang your laundry outside, as pollen has the tendency to stick on your newly washed sheets and clothes.


  1. If it has been a rainy day though, pollen has been cleared through, and that’s the best time to go out and seize the day!


  1. Wearing sunglasses or glasses instead of contacts will also prevent pollen to get inside your eyes.


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  1. If you’re using air conditioner, make sure you follow a regular filter maintenance.


  1. Clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner that supports HEPA filters and use one inside your bedroom for a peaceful sleep.


  1. No matter how careful we are, pollen is tricky enough to find its way inside our system. Some prescribed antihistamine pills every night will make us more pollen-resistant…


  1. …And a spray for the relief of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis will be your everyday accessory throughout Springtime.


  1. As soon as you go inside, try to get rid of as much pollen as possible. Take off your shoes, and clothes, take a quick shower and rinse your hair especially if it’s long.


For those with allergic rhinitis, that’s just a quick guide to survive another Spring…!