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10 ways to look better instantly!

  1. Fix your Tongue Posture

Want to look more chiseled instantly? Not many people know this, but where you place your tongue inside your mouth matters in terms of physical attraction. Most people rest their tongue at the bottom of their mouth pushing against the bottom teeth. This way, your face looks longer and flatter.

Proper tongue placement is where your tongue rests at the top of your mouth, about 1cm behind your front teeth. Your tongue should be pressing against the roof of your mouth, lips should be sealed and teeth should rest slightly apart. When you properly position your tongue, you instantly look more attractive with higher cheekbones and more defined jawline.


  1. Whiten your teeth

We can all book a session at our dentist for a proper whitening treatment. But sometimes you need a quick fix, for whiter teeth. Think about it as your make up. Every day you highlight your best features right before you storm out from your home. Is there a better facial feature than a great smile? A toothpaste which whitens your teeth immediately is what you want to have inside your makeup purse for the confidence to smile even wider.


  1. Keep a poker face

You know that constant frowning or squinting your eyes creates lines on your face that overtime will become permanent. Whenever you remember, you do try to sort of monitor these expressions, but life happens and oftentimes are inevitable. If keeping a resting face is a bit of a challenge, you can try a cream that numbs facial muscles the way botox does.

The only expression wrinkles that look cute, are the ones from smiling and laughing your heart out.


  1. Curl those lashes

You may have long eyelashes but if not curled, they’re pretty much invisible. There’ ll be a huge upgrade in how gorgeous your eyes look, once you start using an eyelash curler. Whether you prefer to use a mascara afterwards, or not, your eyes will look brighter and more awake.


  1. Ice, ice, baby!

Want to instantly minimize your large pores? Try melting an ice cube on your face. The cold will tighten the pores and its cooling sensation will rejuvenate your look.


  1. Focus on the inner corner of your eye!

For brighter-looking eyes, the tip you might expect is perhaps a tinted eye cream, but this time we’ll just be focusing on their inner corner. Apply there, a tiny bit of your highlighter; it will give some space between your eyes, and light will reflect to make them look bigger and brighter.

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  1. Wear Red

Science has confirmed that the color that makes you attractive instantly is good old red. A big date or just want to catch everyone’s eye in the room? Wear a red dress. If that’s not your thing, then befriend the red lipstick.


  1. Have some tan!

We’re not saying that pale people are not attractive, but we all know whenever we return from our summer vacay, we look more beautiful. Imperfections are smoothed out, facial features are more defined and face looks slimmer. Too early to go to the beach or tend to get burned once there? Well there is still a way to get that healthy glow; try a self-tanner that will give you sun-kissed skin without being exposed to UV rays.

Tip! To avoid discolorations or stripes, exfoliate your body prior to self-tanning.


  1. Have impeccable eyebrows

We’ve talked in the past, how a perfect pair of eyebrows is one of the things to have in check, before going on a makeup free look. You can visit a professional every other week to maintain their shape, but what you can do instantly, is pluck that one stray hair here and there and brush them daily for a proportionate and symmetrical look.


  1. Smile, making eye contact!

Of course, the most attractive feature of them all, is a hearty smile. Combining it with fearless eye contact makes for an irresistible combo!