city summer

Summer in the city? Make the most out of it!

It was luscious sandy beaches you dreamt of…

Reading your favorite book while lying on a chaise, soaking up some vitamin D to endure the forthcoming winter…

This year finds you spending summer holidays quite urban-y and all you can think of is how you can stay cool; literally and figuratively.

Your survival guide for spending your summer in the city:


City Pools and rooftop bars

Check which city hotels have pools, especially on the terrace. Spending a hot day dipping in and out of a pool may be the next best thing compared to traditional holidays. May your concern be, how often you apply your sunscreen, and what is it that you’ll be having for launch!

If you continue your evening with an artisanal cocktail at a rooftop bar, why even escape the city?


Tv Marathons

It’s the best time for to binge watch all the series you accumulated in your list with a bucket of ice cream or a fruit salad if watching your calorie intake.

Not feeling like spending time inside? Then how about an outdoor cinema? Some beer or a G&T and you’re all set. The only annoyance may come from unwanted bugs, so make sure your have an insect repellant with you.


Stay hydrated

Drinking water will help; adding some cucumber or lemon slices can add flavor without the calories.

Furthermore, eating fresh salads or fruit throughout the day will keep you hydrated while also getting the fiber you need.


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Avoid the tube

The tube is officially London’s furnace. Avoid like the plague or advise the air conditioning tube map first. If the desired route doesn’t involve any of the above lines, opt for an Uber or prepare to have a water mist on hand, while riding the Central Line.


Ice Cream

Since childhood nothing screamed summer more than ice cream itself.

London has numerous gelaterias that offer top notch ice cream to enjoy a hot or not so hot day. Or you can make your own!

Love the flavor but your teeth hate the cold? Get a specialized toothpaste and enjoy all the creamy gelato!



Sure, having some barbeque at your backyard alongside with some cold beers could be a reason on its own to stay in London when it’s warm. However, if you live in a flat and not a house, you may want to check which parks allow BBQ.


Cold water or…. any cold wherever you may find it.

Having a cold shower right afterwards you storm inside your flat will leave you fresh and refreshed.

On a heatwave though, you may need something more drastic; Hitting an Ice Bar, with a temperature at -5 degrees, will undoubtedly cool you off!