family trip

4 + 1 Day trip ideas for a family!

Who doesn’t love spending their weekends away?

Sometimes though, one day is enough. If you go to the right place and plan beforehand, one day can be enough. Especially if you want to enjoy that away-time with your precious family.


We’ve gathered our top 5 picks for day trips for the entire family.


  1. Rye, East Sussex


The beloved medieval town with the picturesque Castle and little cottage houses that have a name, is a wonderful place to spend the day. It’s better if your children are a bit older and can comfortably walk on the cobbled streets that surround the little town. It has lovely cafeterias and restaurants for a Sunday Brunch or dinner before going back.

It’s about 2 hours away from London with train and ideal for a Sunday to relax.


  1. Warner Bros Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter

harry potter set

Your kids are obsessed with Harry Potter, both the books and movies?

Or maybe you’re obsessed as well. Then why not go to the movie set, and explore the Diagon Alley and the Forbidden Forrest by yourselves? You can explore the sets, the costumes and learn how all the bizarre creatures came to life on screen.


  1. Kingsgate Bay, Kent


This has been an especially hot summer, and you and your kids simply want one day at the beach.

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Kingsgate Bay is a stunning beach that is sandy and with a breathtaking landmark. The best part?

It’s also dog friendly so you can bring along your little friend to enjoy the day with you.


  1. Stonehenge


This sight doesn’t really need any introduction; or does it?

According to a survey, Brits are more likely to have visited the Eiffel Tower than Stonehenge.

Shocking or not, visiting Stonehenge is a lovely chance to explore the historic landmark with your kids.


  1. Paris

Yes, Paris. Although ideally you need more than 1 day in Paris, especially if you want to visit Disneyland, if you only have one day, it will still do.

In one day, you could visit the Eiffel tower and take a boat ride around Paris to see panoramic views of main attractions such as the Louvre or Notre Dame Cathedral.

Just make sure to book your Eurostar ticket in advance, to avoid steep pricing, and in a couple of hours you can be at the city of Light.