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The good life. that is the goal after all, isn’t it? But how do you even get to this point? Is it just a transition or a more complex path that you take gradually?

The definition of the good habit

The definition itself derives from the Greek word “evexia”, consisting of the words that translate to “I have well”. The International Welfare Organization in the USA (National Wellness Institute), a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to promoting well-being around the world, defines well-being as “an active process through which people perceive and learn to make choices that lead to a successful existence *”.

That is why wellbeing is a multidimensional, general, holistic state that “embraces” all aspects of a person (physical, spiritual, and mental state, lifestyle, and environment). And of course, it is not a static state. Wellbeing evolves and grows through the individual’s effort to take good care of themselves, to use their mind productively, to express their feelings generously, to be actively involved in their relationships with other people and take care of their physical, psychological, and spiritual environment.

So, what does it take to enhance wellbeing?

1. Taking care of your overall health!

Wellness without good health is not possible. By doing your regular checkups, you protect your body and prevent any health issues.

2. Increasing energy and vitality

Through exercise and meditation both your body and mind benefits equally, gaining the strength, balance, and robustness it needs. With a strong body and a calm mind, you meet the demands of everyday life with less stress and more peace of mind.

3. Following a healthy-ish diet.

Following a diet that is rich veggies, proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and poor in trans fats is ideal of course. Although, the above-described diet is ideal in terms of their macro and micronutrients’ value, one shouldn’t forget that some foods such as chocolates or other comfort foods are good for the soul, so opting for them once or twice a week is also essential for your well-being.

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4. Getting some adequate sleep

The value of some quality sleep is crucial for a sense of wellbeing. Not only does it relax and stimulate the body, strengthen the immune system, and prevent overeating, but it also benefits our psyche and improves our mood.

5. Breathing properly

Proper breathing is one of the easiest life hacks. The reason is simple: the more oxygen reaches your body, the calmer you will feel.

6. Healthy relationships

Being surrounded by the people you love (family, friends, etc.) and maintaining healthy, harmonious relationships with them, causes a certain euphoria and balance.