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Pearly whites are regaining popularity as masks are falling of our faces. Not only they are considered healthy but nowadays are part of what is considered a beauty routine. With the rise of Instagram and YouTube Influencers, the image of our teeth is more relevant than ever.

Pic… your best smile

During our happy or significant moments, we all love to take pics that we’ll keep forever in our memory as well as in our photo albums. Many of these photos of our smiling moments, in fact, we upload on social media. Whether we keep them as our personal memorabilia or share them with our online and offline friends, one thing is for sure: we want to have a beautiful smile. This, on the one hand, offers us a good condition of teeth that is reflected in our image, and on the other hand, a denture with stark white teeth highlights our cheerful face and gives us a fresh, renewed, youthful look.

Does a first impression get to have a second chance?

At a time when our interpersonal relationships are not limited to face-to-face communication but also online contacts, often the first impressions are formed for someone online. In any case, a bright, gleaming smile is the recipe for success to gain a favorable predisposition, whoever it comes from. According to a survey1  of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of participants said that a smile is the first characteristic that one remembers most vividly after their first meeting with someone, much more vividly than remembering the first thing one says in the first meeting, as claimed by 25% of participants. Only 9% of respondents answered that the first thing they remember from the other in a first meeting is what clothes they were wearing and only 8% answered that they remembered someone else’s odor.

Conclusion? Smiling can be as memorable as a first impression can get.

Teeth whitening at home for an infectious smile for many shares

Apart from a specialized whitening treatment at your dentist’s office, you can always choose a “home” treatment with a specialized whitening toothpaste to restore your “social” smile.

There’s also, our Black & Polish toothpaste, with Activated Carbon and Perlite granules offers a combination of natural whitening and polishing. They are specially designed not to damage tooth enamel2 and are proven to be harmless, based on their RDA index3 and finally, in addition to their whitening action, they also protect against tooth decay.


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1. Best Face Forward: Making GREAT First Impressions in a Digital Age, ΑΑCD

2. Provided that they are used in the appropriate way and in the patients that is allowed.

3. In vitro study of Relative Dentin Abrasiveness Assessment (Relative Dentin Abrasiveness-RDA) according to ISO 1 1609: 2017 with the method of profilometric equivalent and the use of optical profilometer (Bruker, ContourGT, Berlin, Germany). All measurements took place in the Laboratories of Dental Surgery and Basic Dental Sciences of the School of Dentistry of AUTh.